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X-Culture Project

Working in virtual international teams

On behalf of the Cross (X-) Culture Team, I would like that thank you for your support and the valuable contributions made by my students in 2 graduate courses in the Spring 2016 semeter, viz., Strategic Information Systems and Project Management for Executives to the X-Culture Project.

The X-Culture project is a large-scale experiential learning exercise designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in international virtual collaboration.

A total of 3,750 students, 750 teams from 110 universities in 40 countries on six continents participated in the project this semester.

Working in virtual international teams, the students develop a business proposal for a global company and provide a detailed plan for implementing the idea.

The  X-Culture Project is a platform for high-quality research on dynamics and performance in global virtual teams. The longitudinal multi-level data collected as a part of the project are used to study dynamics and performance in global in international work groups. The research aids our understanding of why some teams do better than others and what needs to be done to help international teams improve their performance.

X-Culture has received numerous awards from the Academy of Management and Academy of International Business for the work in fostering international inter-institutional collaboration, developing new experiential learning techniques, and research in International Business and Experiential Learning areas.

The X-Culture project is very demanding for both the instructors and students. Communicating across time zones and cultures, handling a large amount of email traffic, meeting numerous deadlines, and coordinating work of people scattered around the planet are just some of the challenges that the project participants have to handle.

Our students did exceptionally well.  Based on peer evaluations and performance records, our students came in very well prepared. They did a wonderful job of establishing contact with their international peers, put an impressive effort into working with their teams, made significant intellectual contributions, and made a very positive impression on their team members.

#TWU made to the X-Culture project participation possible and we  look forward to continued cooperation with Cross-Culture on this and other projects in the future.

Dr. Mahesh Raisinghani - #IAMTWU

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